Wet Cast Concrete Compaction

The core competence of BRECON high frequency vibrators.

The wet cast concrete industry worldwide knows BRECON for their smart vibration products and solutions for wet cast compaction. We combine cost efficiency and technology that offers our customers to achieve their goals in product quality and production flexibility.

This results in high concrete strength and high-quality concrete surfaces. Molds and formwork designed to be suitable for vibration are precondition for optimum and uniform introduction of the vibrations into the concrete. Form breakage and welded seam cracks are avoided owing to the small oscillation displacements of the high frequency vibrators. The vibrators mutually influence each other only slightly even if they are only small distances apart. Resonance phenomena and amplitude magnification are kept to a minimum the vibrations can easily penetrate insulating layers.

Thanks to many years of experience in external vibration applications, BRECON has the necessary know-how to equip any production installation with the right vibrators. Advice about correct vibrator location and about accessory such as frequency inverters and radio controlled distribution boxes for rational plant operation are naturally also part of the service. This does not just apply to large size formwork, but to all forms in which concrete is to be rationally compacted, to pipes, manhole rings, and stairs or in vibration stations of carousel production.

For customized products and more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to offer you our technical consultation.