Compacting ICF from the outside

The revolutionary solution for the compaction of concrete in insulated concrete forms (ICF).

The BRECON ICF COMPACTOR allows you to compact the concrete in insulated concrete forms from the outside.

Concrete compaction, even when building with ICF, is obligatory in the building industry. The problem of building with ICF is to induce the vibration energy into the concrete without damaging the styrofoam form by a too high concrete pressure or by cracks.

The ICF COMPACTOR consolidates the concrete through the outside surface of the ICF wall. The large board transmits the compaction energy in a wide area. That avoids both above mentioned risks. In addition areas like the space underneath a window opening or corners can be compacted without any problems

Overall the BRECON Surface Compactor speeds up the production time, making it the best choice for compacting ICF.


  • Less mess, practically no clean-up of tool.
  • Consistent consolidation of concrete.
  • Labor time is not wasted on changing out parts.
  • Vibrates through the outside of the form.
  • No loss of labor-time dealing with rebar issues.
  • Easy access under windows and in corners.
  • Board size can be reduced to suit your needs.

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