Control Systems For The Conveying Industry

are usually designed for the operation of two counter rotating vibrators with nominal frequency of 50 or 60Hz. The control allows to adapt the speed to the conveying or feeding process.

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Control Systems For The Concrete Compaction

offer the possibility to improve the consolidation of the varying concrete mixtures. It enables you to adapt the amplitude and centrifugal force to the requirements of the precasted element and the formwork without having to change the mechanical settings of the vibrators.

This applies not only for high frequency but also to low frequency applications.

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The top solution for any pre-cast plant. It offers you the possiblity to operate different types of forms and vibrators with a single control unit.

OMNIVIB is an open and flexible system, which offer allows you to integrate older, present and future equipment, without having to buy separate control units for each single application.

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Further applications

BRECON control units are not only suitable for operating external vibrators in conveying applications or in concrete compaction. They are also suitable for operating electric motors in any kind of applications like fitness, laboratory equipment, etc.