OMNIVIB - System

OMIVIB looks for Contact

OMNIVIB represents an open system, which comprises the most modern control technology, yet older and already installed vibration equipment can also be integrated to it.

OMNIVIB is flexible.

Should your concrete plant expand, your OMNIVIB-System will evolve at the same time. That means, OMNIVIB is a system which can almost limitlessly be developed (Future expansion must already be taken into account by the first clarification).

OMNIVIB at a Glance

  • Central control of all vibration facilities
  • Possibility of a comfortable control through a light 150g transmitter
  • All components fulfill the highest quality standards
  • Varied program possibilities (for instance group selection, interlocking groups with each other) by means of logical control unit (for example PLC)
  • Extension possibilities through additional vibration equipment
  • Later possible extension and outfit with remote control
  • Already existing vibration equipment can be integrated
  • Individual interpretation of the OMNIVIB-System according to customer's wishes
  • Easy installation with the help of the detailed documentation provided

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