BRECON Mobile Vibration Systems

The ideal solution to maximize the number of vibrated forms while minimizing the equipment.

BRECON’s mobile solutions allow you to move the vibration equipment from form to form.

This is the entry level solution for quality production because it generates less investment costs, however causing more work for adjustments. The increase in production quality helps you to minimize risks and costs by reducing the manual effort on the product finish. Your production quality becomes more stable.

The mobile vibration system consists mainly of quick release clamps for the vibrators and a mobile frequency inverter.

In our catalog you will find an overview of our standard external vibrators, accessories and control equipment.

For customized products and more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to offer you our technical consultation.

Quick release clamps

for all our 3.000, 6.000, 9.000 and 12.000 rpm vibrators. Their advantages are:

  • Easy and quick moving of the vibrator from form to form.
  • Safe positioning of the vibrator during mounting, vibration and moving on.
BRECON Catalog

Mobile frequency inverters

with integrated distribution system allow you to run a complete mobile high frequency vibration system.

This product can also be delivered with storage for cables and vibrators belonging to the inverter.

BRECON general catalog

Mobile distribution boxes

are the smallest and quickest solution to connect and protect the vibrators in a changing environment.

The Mobile Distribution Box is equipped with sockets, switches and motor protectors inside.

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