for small compaction tasks

The 11 kg device is ideally suited for smaller and occasional compaction duties, as the GBH 11 DE can be quickly converted into a tamper by using the SDS-max adaptor system.

Besides, the long lifespan of the Bosch GBH 11 DE is guaranteed by the use of high-quality materials and components of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, aluminium and precision parts made of steel. The optimised dust seal in the toolholder as well as new ventilation grilles ensure long operational life.

Nevertheless if more powerful compaction duties must regularly be mastered, we recommend the BRECON Tamper.

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BRECON Powertool Tamper


The BRECON Tamper is the ideal handheld tool for poweful compaction of any material. The BRECON Tamper proves itself condensing vertical surfaces or working in cramped areas.

Here you can read more about the BRECON Tamper.