BRECON SL Vibrators (synchronous speed)

The highest standard in concrete compaction.

BRECON has developed and is the only manufacturer of synchronously running external vibrators. Unlike the standard asynchronous vibrators where the slip between rotor and stator causes each vibrators to run with a different speed, all BRECON SL vibrators rotate with exactly the same revolutions per minute.

Without the need of sensors all SL vibrators which are connected to the same frequency drive are running with exactly the same speed. It is the speed shown on the display of the frequency inverter.

This offers a whole list of real advantages for the pre-cast industry:

  • Homogenous compaction
  • Visible improvement of the finishing of the surfaces
  • Quicker compaction as with conventional vibration equipment.
  • Repeatability of the compaction process and the produced quality.
  • Reduction of the noise levels and energy consumption in comparison with asynchronous vibration.
  • Reduction of the structural stress, extending the service life of the metal structure.

In our catalog you will find an overview of our standard external vibrators, accessories and control equipment.

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Possible applications for BRECON SL synchronous vibrators:

Wet cast concrete compacting


Wet cast concrete offers through its liquidity an enormous flexibility, being suitable for realizing almost any kind of elements. Due to this, pre-cast plants using wet cast concrete have to adapt the compaction constantly to new elements, designs and sizes, usually in small custom-made series.

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